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DVMatrix Website Design FAQ
How much will it cost to design my Website?

DV Matrix has a matrix pricing for the scale of Website you need. Basic static Website of five pages costs $500.00 including initial set up . Basic Small Business Content Management Website has a minimum cost of $1,500.00. extending to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the Website. More specific pricing is determined by your requirements.

Can I design my own website?

You can design your website by yourself if you have the time and skills to do so. There are some companies that will give you a walk-through design, These designs have some limitations if you need some custom functionalities. To be a proficient web designer, you need tons of skills or you can also use some basic technology skills such as HTML, Javascript, and use Webdesign tools such as Dreamweaver, MS Expression Web among several Webpage Editors.

How long will it take?

The basic website design takes a maximum of one weeks to complete. Completion time for detailed Websites with more functionality depends on requirements, proposals and the scope of work. that evolves. In more detailed and complex webdesign projects, we incorporate a project management component in the design process.

Who owns the completed Web site?

After the completion of the Project, you, the client own the Website and all the content.

What is a domain name?

Domain name is the name that identifies you on the internet. Example is DVMatrix.com. It is your address or location on the World Wide Web. You can choose your name and use a Domain Name search form to see whether your domain is available.

Do you offer Web hosting services?

At the moment we do not offer our own Webhosting services. We can recommend some hosting companies.

What is your process for designing a Website?

The Website Design Process, excluding the administrative part (Negotiations, Contract and Payment)

is:Discovery and Planning >> Site Mapping >> Visual or Mockup Design >> Website Development >> Testing and Touch Ups>> Roll out

How many Webpages do I need?

Depending on your company or the objective of your website. You can have a simple 5-page Website or several hundred pages. A simple small site could include Home Page, About Us and Contact Us. DV Matrix can set you on a course to grow your Website from a simple one to a full-grown site that meets all your requirements and the needs of your customers.

Can you maintain my website for me after the design work is completed?

One of our Web Design services is Website Maintenance. We have adhoc maintenance of regular (monthly, weekly etc) maintenance packages. Depending on your needs for changes and enhancements on your website, one of these packages will work for you. We do recommend maintenance packages to our clients depending on requirements and objectives of the Website. However, the final decision is yours.

What information do you need from me to design my website?

For a small business with basic entry level website, you will be required to provide information about the business, logo, images and other details.

For more interactive Websites and special Website content the requirements are part of the design process. For special cases, Website Design Project Management will kick in.

Once the site is complete, can I make changes and update it myself?

There are a couple of options to consider for making changes to your Website.

  • We maintain the Website content for our clients who are not in a position to update content.
  • It will be determined at the start of the project if the client wants to maintain content. In that case, we have the basic content update mode and the full control mode for the client to choose from.
What is your payment policy and what type of payments do you accept?

We use Paypal or Check for payment for services.

We have a percentage down payment that is made after signing of the contract. Another portion is due after the visual and mock-up phase. At the end of the development phase the third installment is due. The final installment is paid two weeks after testing and launch. This subject to change and negotiable.

Please ask about specific payment policy for non-website services.